How Could I Sound Anything Silly Movie?

On acast, you may listen to the Magnus Archives.

Similarly, Where can I listen to the Magnus archives?

On acast, you may listen to the Magnus Archives.

Also, it is asked, What is Nikola Orsinov?

Nikola Orsinov is a Magnus Archives recurrent figure who is either an acolyte or an aspect of The Stranger. She appears as a plastic female mannequin dressed as a circus ringmaster, but with stolen skin and a ‘borrowed’ voicebox, she may pass for a person.

Secondly, Do you have to watch the Magnus archives in order?

While the majority of each episode may be enjoyed on its own, the overall tale unfolds in a chronological order, so it’s better to start from the beginning.

Also, Is the Magnus Institute real?

Sims narrated the podcast in character as Jonathan Sims, the recently appointed Head Archivist of the imaginary Magnus Institute, a London-based organization dedicated to paranormal research.

People also ask, Did The Magnus Archives end?

I actually began writing this essay while listening to the last episode of The Magnus Archives.

Related Questions and Answers

How can I sound anything silly Im plastic I don’t even have a voicebox?

Nikola: How could I possibly come out as anything, silly? I’m made of plastic. I don’t even have a voicebox! [raps her head with a plastic sound] This one has to be borrowed.

Who is Annabelle cane?

She was a psychic “receiver” of other people’s terror, which she was inspired to do by viewing spider films. She started having nightmares about spiders crawling all over her. She seemed to be evolving into a spider or something similar at the conclusion of the experiment.

What is Breekon hope?

Breekon and Hope are two entities that look to be human males and are commonly seen carrying arcane or esoteric things for the Breekon & Hope delivery firm, from whence their names stem. They have exaggerated Cockney accents while speaking English. They are often seen in uniforms with no distinguishing features.

Who killed Gregor Orsinov?

Nikola was Gregor Orsinov’s ‘daughter,’ and she murdered him by ripping him to shreds, so even without this line, well. That’s some beautiful poetic justice right there.

Who plays basira in TMA?

Frank Voss is a well-known figure in the world of

What does MAG stand for Magnus archives?

‘MAG’ is just Rusty Quill’s acronym for “Magnus,” i.e. “The Magnus Archives,” unless they had a deeper connotation in mind (which I doubt).

Is archive 81 based on The Magnus Archives?

Archive 81 shares a lot of DNA with audio dramas like The Black Tapes, Limetown (also adapted for TV), and The Magnus Archives, drawing influence from 20th-century occultism, paranormal happenings, and investigative podcasts like Serial.

How creepy is The Magnus Archives?

“The Magnus Archives” follows in the footsteps of manga artist Junji Ito and director Ari Aster in terms of storytelling technique – no horrific jumpscares, but a slow accumulation of nightmare fuel. After a few occurrences, it’s difficult to gaze out your window at night for fear of seeing or hearing anything.

Is there a Magnus archives book?

Jonathan Sims’ horror audiobook The Magnus Archives was directed by Alexander J. Newall and released by Rusty Quill.

What happens to Jon and Martin in The Magnus Archives?

Martin refuses, but John insists that no matter what happens, they will be together. They exchange kisses. The tape cuts out as Martin grabs the knife and stabs John. Basira, Melanie, and Georgie move across the ruins of the Panopticon in a rebuilt world.

What happened to Jonathan Sims?

End – John’s effort to halt the Unknowing landed him in a coma where he was “all but brain dead,” during which time he was contacted by Oliver Banks, an avatar of the End, and died before completely becoming the Beholding’s avatar.

What type of horror is Magnus archives?

As you may have guessed, I’ve been listening to The Magnus Archives, and it’s wonderful. This is a cosmic horror narrative that explains everything and gives you every single detail you could possibly desire, yet it’s still a wonderful, scary, existential horror podcast.

Who voices Jared Hopworth?

Talking to Himself: In Episode 171 (“The Gardener”), Jon and Martin meet Jared Hopworth, who is played by Alexander J. Newall.

Are Breekon and hope married?

Breekon and Hope are two delivery men in The Magnus Archives canon who work for the Stranger. They are homosexual in Abot, and when questioned whether they are married, they hinted at it and then confirmed it.

Is the Magnus archives good?

“The Magnus Archives is a superb series with good writing, fantastic world building, and intriguing characters, not to mention a clever twist on the narrator, but to stop there would be an injustice to its effect.”

What is Gregor Orsinov from?

The former ringmaster of the Circus of the Other was Gregor Orsinov. He gave the puppet Nikola Orsinov her first name in order for her to perform the dancer in The Unknowing.

Are basira and Daisy together?

Daisy and Basira are in a love relationship.

Will the Magnus archives continue?

MAG200 FINALEMarch 25th, 2021 That is to say, as part of The Magnus Archives’ 5th anniversary festivities, we will be putting The Magnus Archives to a conclusion! .

Who plays Ashes O Reilly?

Frank Voss is a well-known figure in the world of

How many hours is Magnus archives?

How long will it take? Over the course of five seasons, 200 episodes are planned (40 episodes per season). The duration of each episode varies, although it is generally between 20 and 30 minutes. The program is well over halfway through its third season as of June 2018.

What year is The Magnus Archives set?

2008. Eugene Vanderstock relocates to Ilford (MAG 145). Arthur Nolan starts torturing his renter, an elderly woman (MAG 145). Following a nervous breakdown, Oliver Banks, sometimes known as “Antonio Blake,” starts to have prophetic dreams (MAG 11, MAG 121).

How long is The Magnus Archives in total?

The Magnus Archives is available on Acast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and all other major podcasting platforms. From March 24, 2016, until March 25, 2021, the program aired 200 episodes.

How scary is Archive 81?

The terror of Archive 81 is subtly handled. It doesn’t have a lot of jump scares, and the monster only appears for a few seconds. Instead, the program creates an unpleasant atmosphere that keeps you on the edge of your seat.


The “Magnus Archives” is a travel blog that offers information about what to do, see and eat in different cities. It also features short stories from the author.

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