Overview of the Slot Game Alchemy Fortunes

Alchemy Fortunes is All41 Studios’ first foray into the grid slot genre, and it was developed in partnership with Microgaming. Medieval alchemists thought it was possible to change one material into another by using only the four elements present in all matter: earth, air, fire, and water. Usually, this involves converting a negative into a positive in popular culture. While historical alchemists likely had a more nuanced set of beliefs, Alchemy Fortunes players are just interested in the potential for rapid financial gain.

All41 has built a 7×7 grid to house the mayhem, and the stone room in where it takes place may be perched atop a tower or tucked away in the castle’s bowels, where no outsiders ever venture. Candles burn atop bookshelves, while cash and diamonds are scattered about carelessly throughout the area surrounding the grid. When compared to, instance, a Quickspin grid slot or the personality of a game like Reactoonz, Alchemy Fortunes falls short. The game lacks personality because it has no playable characters or a compelling plot. However, the music is suitably ethereal, and the art direction is superb. The end product is an atmospheric and compelling video game. As a whole, it’s a fun place to experiment with games that have an alchemical bent.

Bets can range from 20 percent up to $100 every spin in Alchemy Fortunes, which can be played on any device. To keep you interested, the show’s underlying mathematical formula distributes both lesser rewards as you move through the levels and huge winnings if you gather enough symbols. The amazing hit frequency of 54.83% means that it’s simple to become sucked into the game. The volatility is significant, but the return to player rate of 96.41% is also great. Although the game’s maximum victory isn’t particularly high, it’s not too much of a problem because of how well everything else works.

The patented Hyperclusters mechanism will now be discussed in detail. A Hypercluster is formed when there are at least five identical symbols in a row, column, or diagonal. The winning cluster is then removed and fresh symbols are dropped into place; this procedure is repeated until no more winners appear, at which point Microgaming’s Rolling Reels feature is activated. What this slot performs differently from every other grid position is a mystery. Simply said, none exists.

After each spin, 49 new symbols—4 low, 4 high, and a wild—fall into the grid. In contrast to the low-paying blue, pink, green, and orange pebbles, the high-paying four-flask set contains several potions of the same colors. Hyperclusters, or premium clusters, may reach beyond 30 nodes and yield payouts of 75% to 500% of the original wager.

The wild card plays a crucial role in the game and unlocks the high payouts. They consistently appear in the game’s world, either by chance or because of design elements. Wilds, represented by blue crystal orbs, may stand in for any other icon and appear in several Hyperclusters at once. The location of the wild sign is registered, preserved, and recorded each time it appears on the reels.

Slot Machine Features in Alchemy for Wins

You’ve undoubtedly played a slot machine like Reactoonz 2 that has gameplay comparable to this. The goal of Alchemy Fortunes is to rack up a string of victories that will trigger a bonus round. At strategic times, modifiers are activated to reward the player, offer a small thrill, and encourage them to keep playing.

Next to the grid is a counter that updates as you rack up consecutive winning symbols. It denotes the following five tiers:

Obtaining the Potion Swap from Level 1 requires 20 symbols. The grid’s high-paying symbols all morph into the same symbol.

Level 2’s Summon Wilds capability is unlocked after 40 symbols. Here, anywhere from three to six wilds are sprinkled over the board at random.

With 60 symbols, you can advance to Level 3 and receive Gem Crush, which wipes out all low-paying symbols on the grid.

Achieving level 4 and receiving Alchemy of Wilds requires 80 symbols. All previously landed wild positions are underlined, and new wilds are added to those spots.

When you reach Level 5 (100 symbols), you’ll receive 5 free games.

All other game rules apply during a free spin. Potion Swap will always replace symbols with the highest payout potential, and if Summon Wilds is activated, you can count on getting at least five wilds. The same symbol collection meter is still in use, thus collecting 100 symbols still unlocks 5 more free spins. Free games should activate every 270 regular spins.

Slot Review: Alchemy Fortunes

Before discussing the game’s less fascinating features, let’s establish that Alchemy Fortunes is a fun and well-made experience. To start, it seems like a waste of legal resources to try to trademark everyday mechanics. The first of these was called Nobleways, and it was rather bold of them to employ a pay all-ways method already in use by so many other slot machines.

Anyway, Alchemy Fortunes was a fun surprise in the grid slot genre. The hit rate is high enough and the modifiers appear frequently enough to keep you interested. Since triggering free spins often takes a long, having a steady boost is helpful. The maximum possible win is just 1,100 times the initial wager, thus the game’s overall potential isn’t really impressive. Despite this, the low potential has not dampened interest as much as one might expect. The game’s ingredients are perfectly balanced thanks to All41’s alchemy. The justification for pressing the spin button “just once more” is surely strengthened by this.

While the trademarking of Hyperclusters is a bit ridiculous and there are a few small issues, Alchemy Fortunes still manages to stand out as one of All41’s better offerings. Perhaps the studio excels in making grid slots. Perhaps All41 are going through a period of self-discovery similar to that of a defiant adolescent emerging from a muddled Emo phase.






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