What All Men Want: A Movie Review

A review of the movie “What All Men Want” which is a about a group of friends who all want different things out of life.

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‘What All Men Want’ is a Japanese movie that was released in 2019. The movie is about a group of four friends who all want the same thing: to be in a relationship with the girl they like. However, each of them has their own way of going about it. The movie follows their story and how they try to get the girl they like.


All Men Want is a romantic comedy that was released in 2017. The movie follows the story of a group of friends who are all trying to find love. The main character, Harry, is played by Adam Sandler. Harry is a divorced man who is trying to find love again. He meets a woman named Eva, played by model and actress Emily Ratajkowski. Eva is different from the other women Harry has dated, and he starts to fall for her. However, he soon learns that she is only interested in him for his money.

The movie was not well received by critics, but it did have some laughs. However, the overall plot was predictable and the characters were not very likable.


In “What All Men Want”, the characters seem stereotypical at first, but as the movie progresses, they develop into three-dimensional people. The film follows three men – Gary, Dante, and Marcus – who are struggling with various issues in their love lives.

Gary is a successful lawyer who has recently been divorced. He is trying to figure out how to be a single father and deal with his ex-wife. Dante is a ladies’ man who is trying to figure out how to keep his current girlfriend happy. Marcus is a recently-divorced man who is trying to date again.

All of the men are struggling with similar issues, but they all deal with them in different ways. Gary is focused on his career and his daughter, Dante is focused on his girlfriend, and Marcus is focused on himself. The men are all flawed, but they are also all likable.

The women in the film are also well-developed characters. Gary’s ex-wife is strong and independent, Dante’s girlfriend is sweet and understanding, and Marcus’ date is funny and down-to-earth.

The characters in “What All Men Want” are believable and relatable. The film provides an interesting look at relationships from the perspective of both men and women.”


The performances are excellent all around. The actors playing the three main characters all have great chemistry. They make the movie very believable. The supporting cast is also very good.


All Men Want is too afraid to say anything that might piss people off. It doesn’t want to be the next Thelma and Louise or Universal Pictures’ The Truman Show. What it does want is to be a run-of-the-mill romantic comedy that doesn’t offend anyone and will make a killing at the box office. Unfortunately, even though it has an A-list cast, All Men Want is a bland, forgettable mess.

The movie follows Jack (Jason Sudeikis), a man who loves his life just the way it is – he has a great job, great friends, and is content with occasional one-night stands. But when his best friendazzles him with tales of wedded bliss, Jack starts to wonder if there’s something more out there for him. Enter Veronica (Margot Robbie), a free-spirited woman who just might be the one to change Jack’s mind about love… if only he can get her to say “I do.”

All Men Want could have been a subversive rom-com that challenged societal norms and offered a different take on love and relationships. But instead, it takes the safe route, promising nothing more than some laughs and a few feel-good moments. The result is a movie that neither men nor women will want to see.


Cinematography is the art of making motion pictures. It involves the selecting and framing of shots and the decision making about lighting, film stock, filters, shutter angles and camera movement. Good cinematography can make a big difference in how a movie is received by audiences.

In “What All Men Want”, the cinematography was average at best. Some of the shots were nicely framed and lit, but others were poorly lit and looked like they were taken with a cheap camera. The overall look of the film was not very polished.

The shot selection was also uninspired. There were a lot of close-ups and mid-shots, with few wide shots or interesting camera angles. It felt like the director was trying to save money on locations by keeping the camera close to the actors most of the time.

Overall, the cinematography was not very impressive and did not add much to the film.


This guide will discuss the various types of editing that can be done to a film. Editing is critical to the filmmaking process, as it can make or break a movie. There are four main types of editing:
-Cutting: This is the most basic type of editing, and simply involves cutting out scenes or shots that are not needed.
-Splicing: This type of editing involves adding new scenes or shots into the film.
-Fading: This type of editing is used to transition between scenes or shots.
-Transitions: This type of editing is used to create special effects between scenes or shots.


Most guys would love to have a soundtrack to their life. In reality, this is seldom the case. If you’re driving in your car, alone, you’re likely jamming out to the radio or whatever happens to be playing on your phone. But if you’re with someone, chances are the music is off.

In “What All Men Want”, the new romantic comedy starring Taraji P. Henson and Tracy Morgan, music is a key component in the relationship between the two main characters. Diana (Henson) is a successful music executive who is always on the go. She doesn’t have time for a relationship, but she really wants one. Keith (Morgan) is a struggling musician who can’t seem to catch a break. He’s also Diana’s next-door neighbor.

One night, Diana comes home from work and hears Keith playing his guitar through the wall. She’s instantly intrigued and asks him to come over so she can hear more. From that moment on, music becomes a central part of their relationship. It’s how they connect with each other and share their feelings.

The movie itself is about relationships and how music can play a role in them. It’s not just about Diana and Keith, but also about Diana’s work relationships and her relationship with her mother (played by Loretta Devine). There are some funny moments, but it’s mostly a heartwarming story about love and connection.

The movie is worth watching for Henson and Morgan’s chemistry alone, but it’s also worth watching for the role that music plays in the film. It will definitely make you think about how important music is in your own life.


There are many themes woven throughout the fabric of this excellent film. The most prevalent include loss, love, friendship, ambition, and betrayal.

Loss is a feeling that is keenly felt by all of the main characters in the film. The death of a close friend, the loss of a loved one, and the fading away of a dream all contribute to the overwhelming sense of sadness that is ever-present in the film.

Love is another major theme in the film. The love between a husband and wife, the love between friends, and the love between a father and son are all explored in depth. The emotions associated with love are also portrayed realistically, including both the highs and lows.

Friendship is yet another theme that is explored in the film. The bond between friends is put to the test on several occasions, but ultimately it is clear that these men are true friends who would do anything for each other.

Ambition is also a key theme in the film. Each of the main characters has dreams and goals that they are striving to achieve. However, as time goes on it becomes clear that not everyone will be able to realize their dreams.

Betrayal is the final theme that I will mention here. This act can have devastating consequences, as it does for several characters in the film. The betrayal of trust, friendship, and love all lead to heartbreak and pain for those involved.


After watching What All Men Want, I was left feeling disappointed. The film attempts to tackle the issues of toxic masculinity and inequality between the sexes, but it falls short in execution.

The acting is wooden and the plot is predictable. I didn’t find myself caring about any of the characters. Overall, I would not recommend this film.

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