What Is the Belfast Movie About?

The Belfast movie is about a group of friends who go on a road trip to Belfast, Ireland.

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The Belfast movie is about a family that is trying to escape the Troubles in Belfast, Ireland during the late 1970s. The father, Michael, is a former IRA member who has renounced violence and is now working as a taxi driver. The mother, Theresa, is a stay-at-home mom. The couple have four children: two daughters, Sarah and Aoife, and two sons, Sean and Conor.

The family decides to move from their working-class neighborhood to a more affluent area of Belfast in order to give their children a better life. However, they quickly realize that the new neighborhood is not as safe as they thought it would be. The Troubles are constantly present in their lives, and they must contend with violence, poverty, and racism on a daily basis.

Despite all of the challenges they face, the family remains close-knit and manages to find moments of joy and love amidst the chaos. Ultimately, the film is about hope; it shows that even in the darkest of times, families can remain strong and stick together.

What is the Belfast movie about?

The Belfast movie is about a city in Northern Ireland that is struggling to recover from the violence of the Troubles. The film follows a number of different characters as they try to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of the conflict.

The plot of the Belfast movie

Belfast is a gripping, heart-wrenching thriller that tells the story of two sisters who are torn apart by violence and revenge. Set in 1974 during The Troubles in Northern Ireland, the film follows the tragic events that unfold after one sister is brutally murdered by a loyalist paramilitary group. The other sister, a Catholic nun, is consumed by grief and sets out to track down her sister’s killers. Along the way, she uncovers a dark secret that threatens to tear her family apart. Belfast is a powerful film that explores the impact of violence on ordinary people caught in the crossfire of a bloody conflict.

The characters in the Belfast movie

The Belfast movie is about two estranged brothers who are forced to reconnect when one of them is diagnosed with cancer. The movie follows their journey as they reconnect and learn more about each other and themselves.

The setting of the Belfast movie

The Belfast movie is set in the early 1970s in Northern Ireland. The movie focuses on the Troubles, which were a period of political and sectarian violence in the country. The Belfast movie follows several characters as they navigate the Troubles. The movie is not just about the violence of the Troubles, but also about the everyday lives of people living in Northern Ireland during this time.

The cinematography of the Belfast movie

The Belfast movie is a gripping tale of the Irish troubles as seen through the eyes of two young lovers. The cinematography is stunning, and the acting is top-notch.

The music of the Belfast movie

The music of the Belfast movie is very good. I would recommend it to anyone who loves good music.

The Belfast movie compared to other movies

The Belfast movie is about the Troubles in Northern Ireland. It is a documentary film that compares the violence in Belfast with other movies.

The Belfast movie’s impact

The film Belfast deals with a very relevant and current topic, the Troubles in Northern Ireland. The movie is filmed in a way that makes the events feel very real, and it gives the audience a taste of what it was like to live through that time period. The film does an excellent job of humanizing both sides of the conflict, and it provides a fresh perspective on a topic that is often seen as one-sided.


The Belfast Movie is a 2015 documentary film directed by Alex Gibney. The film focuses on the Troubles in Northern Ireland, particularly on the events leading up to and during the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. The film features interviews with a variety of people involved in the conflict, including former paramilitaries, politicians, and victims of the violence. The Belfast Movie was generally well-received by critics and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

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